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Friday, March 16, 2012

happy 2nd, my love bug!

our sweetest casey turned 2 years old yesterday, march 15. my goodness, how fast these two years have flown! casey is such a joy - talking so much more everyday. he knows all his colors and can identify "two" things. he's learning to count "1,2,3" but he mostly prefers "1,2,8!" i'm not sure where he picked up on 8, but it is, by far, his favorite number. he loves to blow kisses, and there is nothing better than seeing him from the kitchen window blowing kisses to mommy as i leave to run errands. he is full of energy and loves life, and we are so blessed to have him in our lives. i thank God for our precious casey each and every day, and i pray for so many more blessed years for him. 

ah, rest my head before presents. :)

"Pete!" Pete the Cat - book - his teacher told us this was his favorite story-time book, and he was so excited to have his own copy!

loved the gardening gloves! (and tools to help daddy outside)

for me?! he even blew them out just perfectly! <3

every car to casey is a "beep, beep." so we gave him "casey's beep beep!"
a little young, yes, but oh so fun, and he LOVES it!

our beautiful two-year-old and sweet roxy trying to stay out of the path of destruction.

our family.
we love you, casey, and are so very thankful for each day with you.

Friday, January 20, 2012

monkey, bunny, and spunky

lately, our sweet casey has to have all three of his buddies with him at all times. for almost a year, he's been attached to his green monkey, who goes everywhere with him. he's even allowed one "lovey" at school each day, so monkey tags along. monkey is deflated, dirty, and shaggy, but it has occurred to me recently that he is a big part of our family. i always make sure monkey is in tow before we head out anywhere.

bunny (brown rabbit) and spunky (blue dog), gifts from aunt lace and aunt mimi, respectively, have always hung out in the crib as extra babies to snuggle with at night. until about a month ago. now it's "mon-ee," "bunnee," "un-ee." you have to pay real close attention to distinguish the names, but casey asks for each at all times. it's very sweet, it really is, but sometimes, i think, "all of them? are you sure?" just this morning all rode to school, along with his fleece froggie blanket, and i couldn't even see casey in his car seat! he was covered by his buddies and blanket. but oh-so precious. in his carseat, he'll get bunny right in front of him and say, "'ello, bunny. 'ello bunny. 'ello bunny." i cannot help but giggle and turn around and tell him just how adorable he is. love the buddies.