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Thursday, September 22, 2011

checking in...

goodness, i don't know why i always forget about this blog.

casey ended up having his surgery last wednesday, the 14th. dr. moe's office called monday morning to reschedule, so i spent the rest of that day running around like a mad woman trying to reschedule everything at work. i guess it helped ward off the nerves for a bit.

the surgery went well - only 20 minutes. we were with casey for 2 hours in pre-op and he did so well, considering he could have nothing to eat or drink. we played and read and even tried to color. when they took him from me, i lost it. it's so hard to watch your baby go back for any procedure. dr. moe came out exactly 20 minutes later and said all was well, everything went smoothly, and that i could see casey once he started to stir from the anesthesia. two hours later, i finally got to see my baby. the first sight was not pretty, similar to after his tubes. the nurse said they usually feel like they're stuck in a dream and can't get out of it, so they cry and cry. my poor little. :( it was hard. but they let me get on the bed with him and he calmed down and fell back asleep. we stayed in recovery for three hours, at least. his oxygen intake level kept dropping and it was driving the nurses crazy, but he was, of course, so congested. finally he came to and was fairly happy, so they let us go home. it was a rough afternoon, but he is such a trooper! the next day, you would've never guessed this kid had just had surgery! thank you, God our father, for protecting our boy.

yesterday, casey had his 18-month check-up at his pediatrician's office. he is a healthy, bouncy boy, that is for sure! he has grown 3 inches in the last 3 months - crazy!

trevor and i also celebrated 9 years yesterday. it's hard to believe it's been that "long." but i love to think about what all those 9 years have given us. and now it's a family. i love my husband so, and i love the blessings that God has bestowed. i hope all i do glorifies His name in all my thanksgivings.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

surgery is scheduled

casey will have his adenoids removed on friday morning, the 16th. we appreciate your prayers for God's comfort and for casey's safety and recovery.