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Wednesday, July 20, 2011


last night i ran in the rain... in the rain. thank God for the rain. now those of you who know me well know i am not a runner. but every evening casey and i take roxy for a walk, maybe 2 miles. lately i've been trying to run every other block or so. casey had started wanting to bail out of the stroller, so i wondered how to make our walks more interesting for this toddler boy... speed! and i guess i get some exercise out of it as well.

well yesterday evening we were blessed with some much needed rain. it had tapered to a drizzle, but the drops were still coming too strong to take casey along. so roxy and i headed out, and i ran our entire route, okay almost. but it was so refreshing! not only did i not have to fight with the jogging stroller, but roxy didn't stop to eat cat poop every yard, there was a breeze, it was 76 degrees, and a light rain fell on our faces the entire way. it felt great. here's hoping for some more really soon.

Friday, July 15, 2011

it's me again

i am just so blessed. things over the past year have been amazing. our little family is flourishing. i thank God each and every day for what all he was given us, though we prove to be so undeserving. so this welcome back to me post will consist of some pictures of our precious boy growing like a weed. casey james is 16 months today!

picture by Van Reet Photography, June 3, as part of a Father's Day surprise - wonderful!

playing at the park with momma.

a day at Guadalupe State Park, such fun, July 3.

my precious little, july 4.